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D3 Consultants is an educational consultancy company in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region based in Manama, Bahrain and operating on the regional and international scale. D3 Consultants work with all education sectors including K-12 schools, kindergartens, special education, private and public schools, vocational training centers, and higher education institutions.

recognized operator in the region

D3 Consultants is specialized in providing quality education expertise for start-ups as well as providing support to existing educational institutions to elevate their performance standards and reach their goals. Being a well recognized operator in the region helped us preamble the way and ease the barriers for our respectful clients to enter the market on solid ground by offering them quality consultancy services for a professional head start to their educational business. At D3 Consultants mission is to support, manage, and develop quality learning for a better future.

  • Supporting, managing,& developing Quality learning for a better future.

  • Enhancing students learning experiences

  • Developing education

  • The path to greatness

  • Marketing & positioning your self in the community

  • Investing in the future

providing state of the art models

At D3 Consultants, we provide state of the art models, turnkey solutions, and technical expertise in educational consultancy and educational institutions’ start-ups, reforms, evaluation and operation management for public and private education businesses in MENA and the GCC.

superior standards

We have profound consideration for establishing superior standards. We come in with our professional team to assist in the start up, operation, and management of educational institutions through providing distinctive consultancy services.

Latest News

D3 in Dubai Global Convention

Under his patronage of His highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan - Honorable Cabinet Member and Minister of Tolerance - Govt of UAE, D3 Consultants and one of its valuable clients - Gulf University - participated in Dubai Global Convention 2018 Held on 17th - 19th April 2018 in Dubai. D3 Consultants had main responsibility in the Plenary Session titled Leadership for integrating excellence culture, and innovation for social value as a competitive edge. The session expressed all points related to focusing on business culture, ethics & compliance issues, organizational Climate for Creativity and Innovation, adaptive leadership for promoting strategic disruptive innovation, business excellence and social innovation- drivers of culture and economic growth, and leveraging Innovation and Sustainability to drive operational excellence.

BETT Middle East - Abu Dhabi 2018

ADNEC was the last destination D3 consultants team attended. BETT Middle East, D3 Consultants Exhibited along with more than 100 exhibitors from across the globe to be aligned with the latest technology trends in the educational field. D3 Consultants showcased its premier educational expertise to assist in the start up, operation, and management of educational institutions (K12) and (Higher Education) through providing distinctive educational consultancy services.

D3 Consultants in Taleem 2018

D3 Consultants Exhibited on the 9th - 11th April 2018 in Taleem Expo which was held in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The conference theme was "Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education" and the topics of forum were highlighting The impact of early childhood development on enhancing human capital and economic growth, expertise and practices in building the 21st century skills of children at early stages, leading learning in early childhood education, and inclusive education to enhance children's development and learning.