Wellbeing of Students in the Kingdom of Bahrain

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The corona outbreak has a strong negative impact on the (mental) health and well-being of the population. People experienced more anxiety, stress, anger and fear at the start of the outbreak of corona compared to before the outbreak.

For students the corona outbreak implied rapid changes in their personal lives as well as their student life. D3 Consultants surveyed on students’ well-being so schools can gather actionable data to understand their experience and deliver resources focused on self-care and social-emotional learning.

From a student perspective, measuring well-being can give students an opportunity to share their inner aspirations and to seek help. Ultimately, the survey results can lead to interventions and coping strategies that improve something students value highly: their own happiness.

Measuring student health and wellness can contribute to a “whole child” educational approach and signal to students and their families that you take mental health concerns seriously.

On behalf of our entire community, we thank you for your engagement in and support of this important work.

General Findings

From the charts we see below 16% males & 84% females participated while 93% of them are the parents & 7% students.

School Operators companies in KSA
School Operator company in KSA

The below exhibits indicate that 79% Bahrainis versus 21% Expats whom their kids attend to curriculums with 91% American, 6% British, 1% Indian & 2% Other Curriculums ranging between 15% in high school, 12% in Middle School reaching the highest 48% in Elementary & 25% in KGs.

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Education Investment in KSA
School investment in KSA

Covid 19 Impact on Students’ Wellbeing

It is shown in the below chart that 86% do not wish to continue learning online after the pandemic is over and feel like learning in person is more effective than the virtual classes.
76% feel comfortable talking to school staff about the wellbeing issues with 84% believe that the schools are helping in building the students’ self-esteem.
We found that 48% of the students feeling stressed & anxious about learning whether attending physically or online but in return 78% find that the school staff are extremely helpful and supportive during this pandemic and are respectful and sensitive to students experiencing social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

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