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There’s a West African proverb that says: ‘If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes. If you don’t wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes.’

What we’re doing today is trying to figure out what we want tomorrow to look like and working to make a difference right now for tomorrow’s sake. It’s crazy to say that perfection or excellence can be attained without a constant change of what is perceived as outstanding. Education is the cornerstone of any society’s prosperity. The core heart of educational values and seeds that we plant in a student’s mind is what we harvest in a well-developed and flourished generation later on; it is the base from where we build up the leaders of tomorrow. Life-long learning is a paramount task which comes with its own challenges in preparing future generations.

Devotion, Dependability, and Dedication..thats what D3 Consultants Company stands for. D³ Consultants offers a wide range of services tailored to enhance and assist in the start up, operation, and management of educational lighthouses. D³ Consultants sets up the vision, mission and direction of schools and universities; conducts requisite market assessments and screening; provide the needful market studies; develops business plan objectives. It doesn’t stop there, D³’s team goes even deeper with providing qualitative and quantitative feasibility studies, analysing KPI’s for further growth of staff and better study results of students. D3 is also specialized in selecting and recruiting the best quality of faculty and administrators who are passionate about education and possess sincere interest in helping students become life-long learners.

Establishing organizations with a high reputation among others has a special place in our business agenda. We enable certification and international accreditation of schools and universities by working closely with on-site administrative team and teaching faculty to go through the school self-assessment that identifies areas of strength and areas for improvement. What makes us special is that we assure the satisfaction of our clients by providing customized alternatives and tailored services based on specific needs; we also make sure that our solutions are precisely targeting the needs of the client and community. We also work closely with investment companies and investors on acquisition projects, due diligences and startups.

Let’s not forget that providing proper quality education has lots of challenges especially in this age of rapid technological and economic changes. Due to our passion for education, we have decided to overcome those challenges and elevate the quality of education across the GCC by partnering with schools and educational establishments with the aim to improve their services and provide them with the support required to make those necessary changes. The education standards set forth by the vision of the GCC countries focuses on the overall enhancement and progress of education, by establishing D³ Consultants, we hope we could contribute to a successful fulfilment of this vision.

With such a devotion, D³ Consultants will continue to excel and accomplish its achievements both locally and regionally. Our goal is to play a part in the absolute optimization of the educational system that would generate strong, confident and ambitious individuals who are life-long learners and leaders of tomorrow.

Rima Kaissi

Managing Partner @ D3 Consultants

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