We provide our clients with vital services under the umbrella of education in order to help them enhance their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Giving beyond boundaries. We provide our clients with a ‘Matrix Educational Services’ . We navigate through the GAP analysis process to determine the required services.


Business marketing, student recruitment, outreach plan

Feasibility Studies

Market Evaluation, Benchmarking, financial assessment and analysis


Training and management of the self study process

Finance & Business Modelling

Revenues, Opex, Capex, IRR, and ROI.

Operational Effectiveness

Policies development, training and support services, KPI monitoring

Regulations and Licensing

Local and international licensing, board policies, and policy manuals.

IT Strategy

IT systems, students management systems, technology infrastructure, and Administration


Strategic procedures planning, business approaches planning, market entry, and growth/ expansion strategy

Faculty Recruiting

Staff recruitment, assigning management team, Human Resources support services

Program Design

Curriculum development, assessment process, blended learning

Land & Facilities

Land size, built-up area, land use, space per student, campus history, campus master plan, and architectural designs

Organizational Effectiveness and Governance

Reporting structures, organizational charts, governance models, HR planning, Faculty appraisal