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& Unique!

D3 Consultants is specialized in providing quality education expertise for start-ups as well as providing support to existing educational institutions to elevate their performance standards and reach their goals. Being a well recognized operator in the region helped us preamble the way and ease the barriers for our respectful clients to enter the market on solid ground by offering them quality consultancy services for a professional head start to their educational business.

Supporting, managing, & developing quality learning for a better future.

We take the time to understand the unique challenges that face the Educational Industry and then tailor the Education Elements approach with a Business Mind to satisfy the exact needs of the Institutes we support.

Feasibility Studies

Market Evaluation, Benchmarking, financial assessment, and analysis.


Training and management of the accreditation process.

Finance & Business Modelling

Revenues, Opex, Capex, IRR, and ROI

IT Strategy

IT systems, students management systems, technology infrastructure and Administration

Faculty Recruiting

Staff recruitment, assigning management team, Human Resources support services.

Regulations & Licensing

Local and international licensing, board policies, policy manuals

Effective Communication

Business marketing, student recruitment, outreach plan, branding.

Operational Effectiveness

Policies development, training and support services, KPI monitoring

Governance & Organizational Effectiveness

Reporting structures, organizational charts, governance models, HR planning, Faculty appraisal

Programme Design

Curriculum development, assessment process, blended learning

Investment Projects

Selling and purchase of educational institutes, market entry and growth, operator services, strategic planning

Land & Facilities

Land size, built-up area, land use, space per student, campus history, campus master plan, & Architectural and interior designs

Our people, including the leadership in the firm, are entrepreneurial in their approach and completely focused on value creation.

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D3 Consultants Can Help you Set-up and Manage an Outstanding Education Institution!

There’s a West African proverb that says: ‘If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes. If you don’t wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes.’ What we’re doing…
Committed to our values

We help our clients and partners person-to-person by creating comprehensive solutions for their requirements!

We can do the work and deliver exceptional results, and we fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the organization as consultants. We understand the culture and with our values, we can possess a combination of skills and experiences that make us stand out from the others.

What distinguishes D3 Consultants

The company was assigned to prepare a full comparative study between the GCC curriculums as well as the American, IB, British and Indian curriculums. The study was a scientific map that was relied upon by governments and parties that aim to create digital and scientific platforms that go along with these different approaches while preserving the local aspect and future aspirations of the region.

The company provides comprehensive integrated solutions for all services and educational needs that distinguish and prepare students for the twenty-first century, fortified with ideal skills.

Our Projects

We provide turnkey solutions and technical expertise in educational consultancy and educational institutions’ start-ups, reforms, evaluation and operation management for public and private education businesses in MENA and the GCC.

We Help Investors in

Building Schools

D3 Consultants is fully geared with its affiliated consultants to create your dream school and provide you with the proper advice in architectural plans, engineering, planning, and interior designing.

We help schools in

Operations & Management

We work closely with schools to identify, develop, and deliver relevant requirements to enable the institution applying new strategies.