7 Epic Ways International Schools in Saudi Arabia do Good to Empower Kids

By August 10, 2021 December 16th, 2021 Blog

The scene of education in Saudi Arabia is moving towards online learning. The marketing of schools in Saudi Arabia with respect to online education is spreading like a wildfire. With more and more parents worrying about their children’s education post pandemic, the international education community has left no stone unturned with their epic ways of empowering kids as follows:

  • Recognize talent at young age
    Everyone as an individual is unique and our society needs their service for economical, cultural and social growth. Talent earns not just money but recognition and inspires people to do more. While kindergartens in Saudi Arabia tend to nurture the talent, nurseries in Saudi Arabia start recognizing kids’ talents at their naïve stage. The Saudi Arabia education system with their amazing schemes boost the talent of such individuals when they prove and showcase it exceptionally well. While not all kids are keen about studies, few are in sports, few in art, theatre, painting, dance, music and more, shifting the primary focus of a student from learning what they will enjoy for their lifetime which they can do effortlessly.
  • Scholarships, sponsorships and grants
    Depending on the performance of the pupils in academics and extracurricular activities apart from the academics, various institutions all over the world offer scholarships, sponsorships and grants. These include financial aid for tuition fees in your international schools, books, study equipment and uniform. Few of the talent development divisions in international schools provide special access to international book clubs and study clubs that only reap its benefits over a period of time. Free memberships to prestigious societies and clubs helps students get the perfect environment to pursue their academic and extra curricular interests.
  • Meaningful rewards and public recognition
    Just the way employers reward employees for their exceptional performance, a public recognition of a student for their achievement is indeed an inspiration for many to do great things. And not just so, publicizing their names in local newspapers, international journals and more is a part of meaningful rewards. Gifting something that is going to help them build their career or value over a period of time is a meaningful reward. Here, we are not mentioning the financial assistance or cash prizes but about something that is going to save time and make them productive at school.
  • Sponsoring research fellowships at universities
    Universities want to get all the bright kids as their students. The top international school sends a handpicked bunch of students to a university by sponsoring their university education due to the faith and trust in their pupils. A bright mind earns a special place in the heart of teachers, staff and management alike. Thus, qualifying them for better higher education in universities.
  • Career & entrepreneurship oriented learning
    A curriculum of international standards not just helps in financial matters of a person later in life, it also provides necessary skills to grow and make a successful career in any field they want to choose. With an entrepreneurial mindset, developing smart minds to innovate and make it a source of learning and earning is one of the best skills a child can get with entrepreneurship based learning at international schools in Saudi Arabia.
  • Social & community welfare activities
    Just like a non-profit organization helps into the overall development of the community, international schools all over the world contribute in the education sector to nurture learning throughout the world. One of the best things these schools provide is skill training for free to all who want to learn. Social outreach campaigns with respect to education are also conducted by the top education experts in Saudi Arabia to support community learning and mass eradication of illiteracy. Proper guidance, counseling and financial aid for further studies is provided to the deserving candidates after carefully choosing the right set of talents from undeveloped communities throughout the world.
  • Fundraisers for kids needing financial assistance
    Entertainment events, art – craft galleries, science exhibitions, painting competitions, talent hunt contests and more engagement activities with a small fee for participation act as fundraisers for those kids with health concerns and cannot afford the tuition fees of international schools. These activities not only develop skills in children but they encourage social skills and community living. These activities help people help each other and grow together.

Getting kids’ talent out and recognized by all boosts the kids’ morale and inspires others to follow suit at top international schools in Saudi Arabia. Once exceptional talent is recognized, kids become eligible for sponsorships, scholarships and grants for further financial assistance for education. To build a successful career as an entrepreneur or other professional, the right mindset is imbibed among kids with career oriented learning from Saudi Arabia curriculum. For those kids needing financial assistance fundraisers are raised for social economic development of the community with a healthy engagement. Non-profit events are done to spread educational awareness among people so that people start sending their kids to their school.

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