Transforming Learning through Empowering Students and Teachers

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Bahrain-based D3 Consultants together with Finland-based New Nordic School are on a mission to transform education in the GCC and MENA region. Their partnership provides both starting and existing K-12 schools and early childhood kindergartens with the best practices of Finnish education through the New Nordic School Educational System. Each partner school’s teaching and learning are transformed through a future-ready curriculum, pedagogy, technology, professional development, and school improvement services that increase the quality standards.


In recent studies, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world for three years in a row (UN World Happiness Report) and identified as the only country where students’ life satisfaction, as well as reading proficiency levels, are high (PISA 2018). D3 Consultants and New Nordic School transfer the successful and distinguished reputation of the Finnish educational system to have a global impact through personalized and purposeful learning that empowers students to shape their own future.


“We aim to motivate students of all ages to benefit from extraordinary learning, driven by curiosity and challenge, inspiring passion and confidence,” said Rima Kaissi, Managing Partner at D3 Consultants.


Mr. Stephen Cox, Chief Education Officer at New Nordic School added, “We understand the challenges associated with improving the quality of the education in the region and we recognize the need to establish strong local partnerships with those who have a presence on the ground.”


Recently, Al Hekma International School in Sanad, Bahrain piloted New Nordic School’s education system. The pilot program included a gap analysis that assessed the school culture, collaboration practices, student ownership of their learning, and parent perspectives. Based on the gap analysis findings, New Nordic School trained a group of teachers and school leaders to implement two pilot Quests in grade 3 classes. Quests are New Nordic School’s units of study in which students identify a topic of personal interest and make or do something designed to have a positive impact on their own learning and their community at a local, national, or global scale. Al Hekma International School’s teachers are supported throughout the pilot in order to truly transform the students’ learning experience.



Al Hekma International School principal said that one of the many takeaways that AHIS team had from NNS training sessions is:  Collaborative planning is key for successful, meaningful, and purposeful student learning.

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