5 Qualities of a Good Teacher!

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The essential attributes and characteristics needed to be a great teacher and by concentrating on these skills create a successful path to professional development, builds everlasting relationships with students, and ensures proper impartation of education with effective teaching methods.

Good Communication skills

One of the most essential qualities of an ideal teacher is the possession of good communication skills. A teacher’s professional ability to interact with fellow educators, parents, and students in multiple languages play a crucial role while acquiring a teaching job or during promotions.

Good Classroom Management Skills

Teachers with good classroom management skills have better foresight with engaging and disciplining students in classrooms. Thus, acquiring the attribute not only paves a path to a better relationship with the students but also greatly aids in professional development for the teachers.

Plenty of patience
and confidence

Possessing personality character attributes such as patience and confidence, identified with being a sympathetic individual, and having an affectability to students, are the best and powerful characteristics required to become a successful teacher/ principal.

Capacity to structure engaging teaching and lesson plans for students

The most critical and complex part of being a teacher is creating an effective teaching strategy for students. Creating engaging lesson and unit plans gives teachers’ perspective with regards to the lesson objectives, allows educators to anticipate problems of students, and ensures that the aim of teaching meets its targets and learning happen prosperously.

Cleverness in integrating EdTech with education

The Chalk and Blackboard teaching method is old and ineffective while trying to impart real-time education to students. EdTech, short for Education Technology, provide sophisticated platforms such as Learning Management System (LMS), Virtual Reality (VR) Classroom tech, and Smart Class technology to teach students theoretical concepts and complex subjects more efficiently using real-time scenarios, 3D demonstrations, and interactive audio & video presentations. Thus, it is more essential now than ever, for teachers to stay updated with the changing trends in education and show cleverness in integrating EdTech in classrooms.

Rethinking Competences

National Goals for basic education and transversal competence

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Will
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