D3 Consultants Partnering up with AIM Middle East

By September 8, 2020 Events & News

D3 Consultants based in Bahrain have announced a new partnership agreement with AIM Middle East in conjunction with the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC®) to provide a comprehensive portfolio of early childhood qualifications reflecting research-based contemporary content, best practice standards, and regional insight. Today, the IPC qualifications are a benchmark for quality, innovation, and affordability for early years educators, with a focus on pedagogical practice, 21st-century learning, and a multi-curricular approach. The programs are delivered by a highly qualified and experienced faculty and integrate a hybrid model of face-to-face teaching with an advanced technology platform. The Moodle-based e-learning portal ensures that the trainee teachers have the flexibility of time, a transparent rubric-based grading structure, and 24-hour access. The certifications cover the full spectrum of educator requirements in the early childhood segment and include:

  • IPC Caregiver Certificate Level 1: Early years caregiver or teaching assistant qualification
  • IPC Early Childhood Care – Level 2: Foundation level qualification for fresh graduates and those looking to start a new career in teaching.
  • IPC Early Childhood Theory & Application – Level 3: Early Childhood teaching qualification. Encourages a holistic approach to teaching young children; covers all aspects of developmentally appropriate practice, pedagogy, and best practices.
  • IPC Leadership & Management in Early Childhood Settings: Considered one of the most comprehensive early years leadership qualifications. The program enhances and increases the competency, skills and knowledge of educators to successfully nurture, lead and grow early childhood environments.

IPC certified educators are now successfully working in schools and nurseries across the region and are implementing international best-practice standards in their respective environments.

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