D3 Consultants Partnering up with APEX Learning

By September 13, 2020 Events & News

From the firm belief that we must provide more opportunities for students’ success, whether providing a greater challenge for accelerating students or more support for struggling students, D3 Consultants partnered up in July 2020 with Apex Learning digital curriculum where each students’ needs are met wherever he or she is.
Education is one of the industry’s most immediately impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and we at D3 Consultants believe that offering flexible and adaptable solutions to schools is one of our top priorities, and as Benjamin Franklin said: “An investment in education always pays the highest returns.

The Apex Advantage
A Digital curriculum designed to actively engage students in learning—combining embedded supports and scaffolds to meet diverse student needs, actionable data to inform instruction, and success management. The Apex Learning Academic Curriculum provides standards-based courses in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, electives, and advanced placement for grades 6 through 12. With the Apex Learning Academic Curriculum, schools can take advantage of a range of online learning approaches to address critical education challenges and raise achievement for all students – from those who are not succeeding in traditional programs to students capable of accelerating their learning.

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